title pic Advances in Cloud Computing: OwnCloud 4

Advances in Cloud Computing: OwnCloud 4

Many businesses are now using the cloud as a cost-effective way of servicing their needs. Cloud computing is also known as an on-demand or hosted model. With this type of telecom solution, an application is licensed by a provider and is hosted at a remote location known as a Network Operations Center, or NOC. It is then offered to customers, by subscription, with a monthly or annual fee. Cloud computing can deliver IT and communication services over a variety of networks including fixed, worldwide and mobile. It can also be used to deliver voice and video calling, video and web conferencing, audio, messaging, content creation, broadcasting, workspace, unified communication, etc.

Because of the increased popularity of the cloud, many service providers are improving their current models to include more features and services that are useful to businesses. OwnCloud 3 is a community-supported cloud, built on open source technology, that entered the market earlier this year. Now, OwnCloud 4 offers new features that are catching the attention of many businesses. These features include:

  • Shared calendars
  • Plug-in for to-do syncing
  • Drag and drop file uploading
  • File encryption
  • File sharing improvements
  • Contacts and groups improvements
  • System performance improvements
  • Enhanced photo gallery
  • Simpler installation of third-party plug-ins
  • User/system importing/exporting
  • Syslog logging capabilities
  • Improvements in CardDAV, CalDAV and WebDAV compatibility

OwnCloud 4 also includes an experimental feature that will allow users to mount external file systems, such as Google Drive, FTP and Dropbox, so they can use a single OwnCloud interface to access, sync and share tools. OwnCloud founder Frank Karlitschek says that “the latest OwnCloud offers features businesses and service providers have been asking for, and adds new features and applications that meet the needs of the community and will greatly enhance our upcoming commercial editions.”

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